DualArrowMC Minecraft Servers

There are a number of different warp types, but the ones you would likely be most interested in would be the “player defined warps” and the “admin warps”.

Player warps are by default private, however, using the gui editor, you can change them to public so you could advertise your shops and any areas of interest.

/SETWARP nameSets a warp to your current location
/DELWARP nameDeletes a named warp
/WARP nameTeleports you to the named warp
/WARPSBrings up a GUI of public warps
/TP x y zTeleport to a specific location
/WILDTeleport to a random location
/LOBBYReturn to the lobby/hub
/SPAWNReturn to the world spawn point
/BACKReturn back to your previous location